Six Facts Why Nnamdi Kanu Can’t Divide Nigeria, Despite His Effort- Shehu

IPOB Doesn't Have Best Interest of Either Democratic Governance or Peaceful Coexistence in Mind- Shehu Blows Hot

Nnamdi Kanu- In Nigeria, we have a group of individuals from the Eastern part of Nigeria, who are calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria, to permit them to secede or breakaway.

Six Facts Why Nnamdi Kanu Can't Divide Nigeria, Despite His Effort- Shehu

Indeed, this is not the first time this agitation has been heard of, as Nigeria’s first Civil war, was recorded on the grounds that Biafra, wanted to break away from Nigeria.

Very recently, the agitation for Biafra has been on the rise, regardless of the prescription of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB).

You may also recall that the leader of the IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been on the run from Nigeria, however, many IPOB supporters still believe in this movement.

Here Are Some Facts, Every IPOB Member, Should Consider:

1. IPOB Is A Proscribed Group:

This term simply refers to the fact that the IPOB group, has been outlawed by the Nigerian government and as such, will be treated as criminals. Even more, individuals who associate with this group have contravened the law.

2. Anyone Who Claims To Be A Citizen Of Biafra, Does Not Belong To A Recognized Nation:

As a matter of fact, the Biafra nation is yet to be recognized by the United Nations or even the European Union. Hence, it makes no sense for any Biafra member to claim that Biafra is a nation.

3. Biafra Does Not Have A Legal Tender:

In reality, the Biafran Nation is yet to have an internationally acclaimed legal tender or system of exchange. Hence, it is completely to talk about wanting a nation, without having a known legal tender(money).

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4. IPOB, Is A Threat To The Sovereignty Of Nigeria:

The IPOB was proscribed based on the fact that the Nigerian government felt threatened by the activities of this group. Hence, if you still live in Nigeria and own a Nigerian passport you should intentionally dissociate from IPOB-related activities.

5. It Is An Error To Hold IPOB Meetings In Nigeria:

Based on the laws of Nigeria, it is highly unlikely for the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) to hold any meeting, within Nigeria and the government of Nigeria reserves the right to arrest individuals involved in IPOB activities, within its geographical jurisdiction.

6. Peaceful Deliberation Is Always The Best Solution:

Six Facts Why Nnamdi Kanu Can't Divide Nigeria, Despite His Effort- Shehu

Indeed, if the IPOB is going to see the light of the day, it is going to happen through round-table discussions and several peace talks. Hence, every agitation should be discouraged, as a peaceful secession may be obtainable.

God bless Nigeria!

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