Some Democrats party leaders using COVID-19 to discourage Americans not to vote

Donald Trump, The United States of America President, has described the Democratic Party leaders taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation in the country to discourage eligible voters who are willing to go in-mass to vote for the Republican Party which I represent.

“Some are using COVID-19 as an excuse not to vote in person but If you are the true Republican party members, you can certainly vote in person. Probably a lot safer than supermarkets, It is a  very costly mistake, They are already asking people to send back applications sent to dead people and those at wrong addresses, prevent ghost votes

“I remember when entire warehouses were found to be hoarding thousands of boxes of uncounted ballots the years after Obama was “elected”.

“That’s the only way he won. The postal service is riddled with operatives to sway the vote. That’s why Democrats want to federalize the postal services too. Control all media is total control.”

Voter picture ID is statistically the only valid way for the true election. ‘Mail-in’ is fraught with fraud possibilities.

The Democrats party romance with the Chinese government is enough evidence to prove to all American citizens that the Dems’ are actual out to suffocate eligible voters with the fears of COVID-19 outbreak in our nation.


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