Soyinka cries out for Nigeria not to disintegrate, warns Buhari

The Nobel laureate winner and one of Africa’s most respected writers and educationists, Professor Wole Soyinka have continued his cry for Nigerians not to disintegrate based on what he has called the lack of leadership in Aso Rock Villa.

Wole Soyinka was reacting based on what has been happening in the country in the past few months and described it as a danger prone issues that can lead to the outbreak of war in Nigeria if not curtailed at this point based on the threats that other ethnic groups have been coming up with and the insensitivity of the current administration not to address those security situations which is not to the interest of any Nigerian at all.

“I was part of the system that brought the APC to power, but as I speak to you now, I regretted all my actions when I supported this current administration in 2015 as it can no longer be said that we are blind to the truth that Nigeria has no leader.

“I am not of the opinion that the president is the problem we have but my concerns are that he is not addressing the matter as expected when should the president be looking elsewhere when we have a lot of issues on ground to tackle and he has said nothing this is a very pathetic situation and Nigerians must rise up and speak against what I call inhuman treatments from the president of Nigeria,” He said.

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