Stop crying for Biafraexit, Igbo’s Are Not United Enough To Achieve Biafra – Joe Igbokwe Blast Nnamdi Kanu

Joe Igbokwe an apex Igbo businessman based in Lagos has reacted to the trending tweets of Ipob members tweeting Rejectnigeria and Biafraexist.

He claimed that Igbo’s are not yet together to conclude what they want in Nigeria.

Igbokwe described that those fighting for Biafra nation know nothing about existence, he went further to blast the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, saying he has done more than harm in the Nigerian government.

According to Joe Igbokwe’s continuous statement, he said, “A scatter stones can never stand, Igbo’s are not yet ready to actualize their goals, restructuring is what we need in Nigerian and its what that supposed to be trending on twitter now and not Biafraexist.”

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