‘The heavy price black people continue to pay for refusing to reason like human beings- Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu roll-out plans on how to build Biafra

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reveal the black race’s price before independence for a nation was established.

The story of black people is the same all over the world. When you lack the ability to reason and are fixated on being directed by alien doctrines that are detrimental to your essence as a human being, subjugation becomes your portion for life.

We proudly proclaim that Biafra is the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth as Yeshua prayed when he said “let thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”, therefore stupidity, ignorance, and religious superstition will have no place in Biafraland.

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Freedom of worship, yes, but foolishness and criminality in the name of religion are a NO-NO. What we are doing is deeply spiritual beyond the comprehension of mere mortals because the God we worship Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime The Nile, Abasi, Tamuno, Olisa, El’Ohim can only be worshiped in spirit and in truth.

Biafra cannot be another useless black African country, not now, not tomorrow not ever.

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