Trump releases $2.4m to Tanzania govt. a day after country unveiled COVID-19 herbal cure

Donald Trump 'struggling to breathe' as he returns to White House(Video)

The United State today, has announced an additional $2.4 million dollar to Tanzania through the Tanzanian Embassy based in the US for international development (USAID), that will be used in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This comes a day after Tanzania unveiled traditional medicine said to treat COVID-19 disease among after deadly diseases.

The amount which is about Tsh 5.6 billion when converted will be used to enhance Tanzania labs that are involved.

In COVID-19 testing, enhancing, and sharing of information on infectious cases and steps being made in containing the spread of the virus, educate the general public about the disease and the necessary measures that need to be taken to flatten the curve.

Earlier, the US had donated $1m to Tanzania towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Tanzania has so far received at least 3.4 million US dollars towards the pandemic that has plunged the whole world into a panic.

US aid to Tanzania phones when the country is making bold steps towards winning the war against the virus.

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