Update: Trump blows hot as protests rock US cities over George Floyd’s death

Update: Trump blows hot as protests rock US cities over George Floyd's death

The Mayor of Oregon has ordered immediate state of emergency as protesters broke into the Multnomah County Justice Center and set fires, and the windows of multiple downtown businesses were smashed.

The Mayor, Ted Wheeler said,  “What’s going on right now is flat out breaking the law, violating our community, violating the memory of George Floyd and so many other people on such an important night,” Wheeler said. “I have had enough. The community has had enough, and I’m telling those individuals to go home.”

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George Floyd’s death took place in the Oregon city last night. The protests turned violent around 11 pm when people broke windows and caused fires at a downtown building housing a jail and police offices.

However, the demonstration over Floyd’s death started at around 8.30 pm and by 9 pm police had deployed tear gas to disperse the crowd. Protesters set off fireworks and threw bottles towards police. Windows were broken in downtown Oakland and police used flash bangs, as well as more tear gas, against the protesters.

People have managed to toss over the temporary barricades, they’re being pushed back by the Secret Service. More police arriving. Heating up fast outside the White House’s north lawn.

President Trump appeared to suggest that police or military forces in Minneapolis should begin using lethal force to end the protests:


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