US Policies: Where Does President Trump Stand On Key Issues?

Trump- According to American, In a simple phrase, saying to President Donald Trump that he should “Make America Great Again,” has he prepared to face Joe Biden(Democrats presidential candidate) on today’s presidential debate on Tuesday, September, 29.

US Policies: Where Does President Trump Stand On Key Issues?

No doubt, Trump is seeking for re-election bid under the platform of the Republican again(R), as he faces different challenges against the opposition party(The Democrats) who is set to discredit him for almost four years of his ruling as president of the United States of America, USA.

One of the key issues raised by Democrats was Trump mismanagement the ‘Coronavirus” and the pandemic’s economy aftershocks, that discredit his presidential ambition after years of ruling Amerian citizens.

Although, Trump has assured Americans if re-elected into office in second term bid,

“I’ll be strengthening more of the economy, boost job opportunities, protect US trade interest, and to continue with a hard-line stance on immigration.”

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Trump also promises huge tax cuts off for American workers, the lower corporate tax rate to strengthening the trade status quo, and to revive American manufacturing companies within and out of the country.



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