Utazi vs Ifeanyi Ubah clash during senate plenary over Innoson motor

Utazi vs Ifeanyi Ubah clash during senate plenary over Innoson motor

The two Senators, Ifeanyi Ubah, and Chukwuka Utazi were shouting at each other in the Senate plenary reacting to some comment made by Nigerians over Innoson motors, chief executive, Chief Innocent Chukwuma.I

Meanwhile, it was Senator Orji Kalu, the Chief Whip to the Senate, who ensure the Senate plenary was in order following the argument among the two Senators.

It all happened when Senator Chukwuka Utazi(PDP, Enugu North), at the beginning of  Senate plenary, came up with a point of order to draw the attention of senators to alleged disparaging comments made by some Nigerians against the Managing Director of Innoson Vehicles, Chief Innocent Chukwuma.

Senator Utazi, who came under order 43 of the Senate Standing Orders as Amended, which has to do with self-explanation, however, alleged that there were orchestrated attempts by some Nigerians to run down the Innoson MD.

According to him, he said, ”It was highly disturbing and worrisome that such plots are coming from people within the same geo-zone with the industrial giant.

“Chief Innocent Chukwuma has done more than enough in getting the country industrialized as far as the automobile sector is concerned, for some people to be ganging up against him, which must be condemned by the Senate.”

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Senator, Utazi completed his submissions, but, some South-east Senator countered him, wondering why such a local issue should be brought to the floor of the Senate.

It gets to points, that the entire Senate plenary was disturbed with noise, and the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan quickly call them to order, while calling on Senator, Utazi to ends his submission. describing it as a controversial statement.

Meanwhile, the Senate President, Lawan said; “Please Distinguished Senator Utazi, rest your case on this motion which has already stirred controversy because this chamber should not be reduced to this type of discussion.”

Although, Senator, Ifeanyi Ubah addressed journalists over the issues that lead to the noise in the Senate plenary today.

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