What Do These Biafrans Really Want Self?

Police secretly arraigned 3 IPOB members in Enugu Court after their arrests
Biafra News Today- I asked this question because the noise from their agitation is really taking a nuisance pitch and dimension.

Let us set the records straight, the British continues to have an interest in the affairs of Nigeria and its governance.

What Do These Biafrans Really Want Self?

The country is a major source of earnings for them. When they departed upon independence, they entrusted its affairs in the hands of those they could trust; those who will allow them unfettered access to those things that fueled their economy.

That is how the Fulani came to be in power.

Biafra knows that Britain is the unseen hand working behind the scene to frustrate its actualization, even though the face of the Fulani is what you see.

If in doubt, watch this video of the confession by Harold Smith, one of the principal participants during that episode.

Given an opportunity, we know more than 80% of Ibos will vote a ‘YES’ in a fairly conducted Biafran Referendum.

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That is why we have held back such an opportunity. Our job is made easier by the discordant tunes within your groups.

We see the internecine “wars” within your ‘factions’ – MASSOBB versus IPOB; IPOB versus LNC/MNN; OHANEZE versus IPOB. Please keep it going.

Nnamdi Kanu and Tony Nnadi are individually set in their ways. We hear that despite the best efforts of your elders, even with the intervention of “Nzuko Umunna”, they still could not get them to agree.

We wish that your rancorous “mumblings” does not abate, to enable us coast-on to 2023. By then, we should have successfully put in place the structures that solidify the position of the North within the Nigerian State.

We would have totally revamped all infrastructure in the north. That has been our primary focus since inception in 2015. By 2023, we should have amassed sufficient resources, readiness for a restructured Nigeria, or a Post-Nigeria Arewa Nation.

As of today, we have fully entrenched our foothold in all the key agencies of government. We have super-imposed our ‘men’ in large enough numbers in core-positions. It would take, literally ‘forever’ to undo what we have put in place.

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