Why Isolation centers for school reopening are obligatory- says, Minister

Why Isolation centers for school reopening are obligatory- says, Minister

According to the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu based on President order has rolled out conditions schools and other learning institutions in the country should be followed before schools can be reopened.

Although, the Minister of Education has submitted a 36-page document containing the guidelines for schools to be reopening if those conditions are met. For both public and private schools.

The title of the 36-page document is,  “Guidelines for schools and learning facilities reopening after COVID-19 pandemic closure.”

The Minister, in his forward to the document, described the conditions as key strategies for implementing safe, efficient, and equitable plans for school reopening and operations.

He noted: “Given that COVID-19 may be with us for a while, the guidelines also highlight the urgent need to maintain and improve upon distance learning programs.”

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He added the guidelines were drafted in close coordination with health, environmental, education, and school safety experts who were tasked with the responsibility of charting a pathway for safely reopening schools and learning facilities for quality teaching and learning.

A major plank of the conditionalities is that schools must “create immediate temporary” COVID-19 “isolation space” before they can be considered to reopen.

Schools are also mandated to “ensure the establishment of a School COVID-19 Referral System including protocols and procedures to take if learners, teachers, administrators, and other education personnel become unwell while in schools.”

It is necessary for schools to provide those established agreed pieces of equipment for inspections, such as equip dispensaries and clinic tools before schools can be reopened for normal academic activities in the country.

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