Zimbabwean pastor who sells tickets to heaven for $500, released another…

A clergyman in Zimbabwe, Pastor Tito Watts, and his wife, Amanda, were arrested for selling tickets to heaven to church members has been released another COVID-19 preventive oil for curing the virus.

According to Egypt Today, the police disclosed that the pastor and his partner scammed several people into buying the tickets for $500. It was added that, the tickets are to get people into heaven without facing judgments.

The police further disclosed that Pastor Watts’s church members have called for the release of the man of God. Watts reportedly told those who sought salvation that the tickets were made from solid gold and each ticket reserved the buyer a place in heaven.

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“I do not care what people or the police are saying about me, I am being persecuted because of doing the work of God.”

“Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the tickets made of pure gold so that I can sell to people who want salvation,” he added.

News reports claimed that thousands of people protested his arrest as they believed that he should be free!

The Pastor even told people that the tickets were made of solid gold and each ticket reserved a place in heaven. However, Police reports noted that the tickets were actually made of gold-coated wood with “Ticket to Heaven… Admit One” written on them.

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